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If you can dream it, then we can build it. We are a commercial and residential construction company providing a wide range of services to our clients. We have the resources to get the job accomplished, regardless of the size or complexity of the project.



We offer complete renovation of commercial spaces, homes, and buildings. Our team works together and takes a practised and visionary approach to each project to create distinctive spaces. We make renovating your space as convenient as it can be.



We at Duggal Constructions update or rebuild your existing commercial, residential, and industrial facilities with expert restructuring services in your area. We will thoroughly review the distressed property and recommend a program that maximizes the asset's value.


Laying Foundations & Building on Dreams

Duggal Constructions creates timeless and breathtaking spaces in homes, buildings and offices in Chandigarh, New Chandigarh and Mohali. We are expert owners of finishing interiors and exteriors of residential, commercial and industrial properties in the designing, construction and restructuring. We pride ourselves on excellence in manufacturing quality. From analysis to design, from plans to paint, each project receives the highest level of individual involvement. Our expert and certified team members can help you make your dreams come true, no matter what your needs are. Our founding principle is: “Do the kind of work our customers want us to do on their next project.” Duggal Constructions is an industry leader in safety, quality and sustainability

Furthermore, our high standards of excellence, safety and professionalism begin with our executive team and are consistent through to the final detailing and occupancy of the building. Our team members are certified and have expertise in the field, allowing us to combine innovative manufacturing methods to get the job done and to do it right. We are a 100% employee-owned company whose daily actions are guided by our core values.



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We get your ideas together, separating what you must achieve so that we can think about priorities and estimate the overall budget & timing.



Our planning team outlines the goals of the project through a feasibility study. It includes how big the building will be, space will be used, & rooms will be needed.



Here all the planning will pay off. During the construction phase, our expert construction engineers will transition the project into actual construction.

Chandigarh Certificated in Horticulture Services

Passionate about creating inspiring, livable outdoor spaces or looking after amenities such as parks and gardens? We provide you with the best horticulture services in Mohali & Chandigarh areas for homeowners associations, industrial & commercial properties.

Horticulture Maintenance Services in Chandigarh and Mohali

Find it challenging to take care of the landscape? We provide the best gardening maintenance services for homes, offices, and commercial buildings. Our primary objective is to properly maintain your landscape investment.

Exterior Work and Structure

Relax while the best exterior contractors in Chandigarh take charge. Led by a multidisciplinary team, we can handle the entire process from exterior design to construction and maintenance at home, offices, and building.

Interior Solution under One Roof

We don't just create interiors – we create lifestyles. Looking for a new office fit-out, renovating your existing workspace, home & other industrial buildings, we’re the best interior fit-out company in Chandigarh.

Architect Services for Sustainable Development

Looking for modern sustainable architectural design in the Mohali or Chandigarh area? We’re here with our top-notch architect services. Our skilled and certified experts deliver architectural layouts that are always practical.

Grass Plantation

We strive to adopt and offer excellent practical and innovative grass plantation services at budget-friendly prices. We’ve all the gear to get your job done to a very high standard.


We provide you with the best and superior quality Horticulture Development Service widely appreciated by our reliability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.


Looking for a reliable landscaping contractor in Chandigarh? Duggal Constructions is right here. Discuss your specific landscaping needs with our experienced team today!


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All projects are covered under our expert's supervision so you can have peace of mind with our estimates. We backup up our construction estimating services.

Planning and Budget

Because of the distinctive nature of constructed facilities, it is almost crucial to have a separate price for each facility. The factors influencing a facility price will vary by type of structure and location. Within each of the significant construction categories, such as residential housing, commercial buildings, and industrial infrastructure, smaller segments have very different pricing environments.

Start of New Construction

Price estimates for new construction are likely to be slightly higher than renovating and restricting the old one. So, don't delay; consult our team members and estimate how much a job might cost.

Interior & Exterior Quality Finishes

We're here to help you take on your next project. Our premium range of interior & exterior services provide the best quality coverage and finish for your home, offices, and building, no matter how big or small your job might be. For general price estimation, request now!


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