Grass Plantation Services in Chandigarh


Lawn Care

Our team provides lawn mowing services, including edging and fertilization throughout natural grass plantations in Chandigarh and surrounding areas. We also offer yard treatments, including fertilizer and weed control, to promote a healthy lawn. For more, consult now!


Annual Planting

We can plant various annual flowers throughout your landscape to provide colour and design in any season. We can handle your complete grass plantation services or perform particular services on an as-needed basis to keep your property looking the best throughout the year.


Property Clean-Ups

Our innovative grass plantation services professionally offer yard cleanups to keep your grass plantation and property looking great. It helps get rid of those pesky weeds coming through your gravel driveway or flowerbeds. For more details, consult us today.

Grass Plantation to Beautify Your Landscape

Grass Plantation Services

At Duggal construction, we are known for providing you with the best grass plantation services in Mohali and Chandigarh area. For years, we have provided homeowners with a wide variety of services delivered with professionalism, convenience, and quality that anyone would want. Our experts will complete all the required jobs, from planning to soil preparation, adding topsoil, leveling to laying the lawn.


Whether you prefer perennials, seasonal flowers, flowering shrubs, hedges, or trees of various sizes and specimens, we meet all your needs by finding the best plants to fit the green space entrusted to you. We take entire responsibility for the planting process, from the arrival of your trees curbside to removing all debris from the site as required. We are proud to guarantee the establishment of all trees we plant, subject to aftercare instructions being followed.

Our highly driven team doesn’t just see what they do as a job, but more a full-blown passion for providing quality green spaces and outstanding customer service.


Our Grass Plantation Services include:


  • Regular grass cutting & maintenance service (including use of a mulch cutting ride-on mower if necessary)
  • Placement of trees in the planting pit
  • Staking/anchoring as appropriate
  • Leaf clearing, garden tidying, and so much more
  • Waste Removal of green waste
  • Marking out of planting position if required
  • Reduction of excess soil from the site (if required)


We work with you to design your ideal planting scheme and garden layout before sourcing and planting the perfect plants, shrubs, and even mature trees. From innovative grass plantation services in Mohali and Chandigarh to creative garden design, our crew can work efficiently using the most elevated quality materials known to your budget and ensure an impeccable on-time transformation.


Want to transform your space or learn more about our grass plantation services in Mohali and Chandigarh areas? Please call our expert team directly on +91 988 8876 666 or send us a message via our online enquiry form. We assure you of quality with excellent and more extraordinary services. Love the space where you live. Call today!

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Exterior Work and Structure

Relax while the best exterior contractors in Chandigarh take charge. Led by a multidisciplinary team, we can handle the entire process from exterior design to construction and maintenance at home, offices, and building.


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We don't just create interiors – we create lifestyles. Looking for a new office fit-out, renovating your existing workspace, home & other industrial buildings, we’re the best interior fit-out company in Chandigarh.


Architect Services for Sustainable Development

Looking for modern sustainable architectural design in the Mohali or Chandigarh area? We’re here with our top-notch architect services. Our skilled and certified experts deliver architectural layouts that are always practical.


Grass Plantation

We strive to adopt and offer excellent practical and innovative grass plantation services at budget-friendly prices. We’ve all the gear to get your job done to a very high standard.



We provide you with the best and superior quality Horticulture Development Service widely appreciated by our reliability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.



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