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Our main aim is to assess the client’s lifestyle and landscape needs, further reviewing property hazards and restrictions. Our landscaping project is simple as we ensure no customer is left in the dark at any project stage.


Planning & Design

We initially design concept drawings or render 3D designs with site and grade measuring. Our landscaping contractor will walk through to review materials and designs, keeping in mind the preliminary estimation.



We provide you with the best development services with a final design. Selecting plants and materials and estimating detailed construction is what we do with the involvement and approval of our customers.

Our Best Landscaping Services

Lanscaping Service

Everyone wants to achieve a beautiful outdoor space that meets their specific needs. Maintaining a landscape is the highest-priority task. Duggal Constructions is known for providing incredible landscaping services in Chandigarh and Mohali. We offer you the pathway of freedom you crave, especially when you love remaining outdoors.


With a steady demand, we remain stable and provide the best possible services to our customers. We make it attractive and visually appealing with an effective landscaping scheme. Because landscaping is often the first thing everyone sees, we ensure that everything looks perfect together and speaks to your overall tone. In addition to simply looking good, our reliable landscaping contractor will make it visually appealing with the involvement of unique elements that are sure to persuade you. Landscaping has the power to make you stand out from similar ones in the area. It can add to your image and reflect values

like simplicity, modernity, or tradition. We are well-mannered and committed to the highest level of excellent customer service. Our landscaping team always turns up on time, communicates well, thoroughly explains the project, and makes sure you are comfortable with the plan.


At Duggal Constructions, we always inform you about every update and snag related to the project. From basic landscaping, garden rejuvenation, and clean-ups to doing regular maintenance work, we certainly get all of it done with flying colors. There is no way to prove the reliability of our commercial landscaping contractor than to glance at instances of our work. With vast experience, we know the ins and outs of landscaping. One of the ultimate benefits of working with us is that we can customize almost everything in consideration under your budget. Without a doubt, we ensure you provide excellent landscaping services that won’t fail to impress anyone.


Our Landscaping Services Include:


  • Mowing, fertilizing, and weed control
  • Dethatching
  • Aeration
  • Cleanups and pruning
  • Lime application
  • Planting
  • Installing sod
  • Hardscaping work like installing water features, pavers, concrete, and retaining walls
  • Foundation planting
  • Ponds and outdoor patios
  • Garden sculptures
  • Driveways for vehicles
  • Mulching
  • Landscaping design


Why Choose Us?


  • Premium quality work
  • Highest work ethics
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Offer inviting atmosphere
  • Excellent customer service worth the price


Your landscape is a valuable natural resource that increases your home value and enhances your quality of life. It helps to create a desirable and healthy community. Several key ideas can aid you in creating an aesthetically beautiful, functional, and long-lasting design.


Finding a reliable and oriented landscaping contractor in Mohali? Duggal Constructions is here to help! We let your landscape fit into the big picture and positively impact the environment. Contact our expert team to get excellent landscaping services. Enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and increase its overall value. Call +91 988 8876 666 today!

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We base our work on the fundamental principles of quality and professionalism. We utilize latest techniques to adorn premises of the clients with fantastic flora and fauna and thus create a picturesque beauty. Explore our projects right here!












Exterior Work and Structure

Relax while the best exterior contractors in Chandigarh take charge. Led by a multidisciplinary team, we can handle the entire process from exterior design to construction and maintenance at home, offices, and building.


Interior Solution under One Roof

We don't just create interiors – we create lifestyles. Looking for a new office fit-out, renovating your existing workspace, home & other industrial buildings, we’re the best interior fit-out company in Chandigarh.


Architect Services for Sustainable Development

Looking for modern sustainable architectural design in the Mohali or Chandigarh area? We’re here with our top-notch architect services. Our skilled and certified experts deliver architectural layouts that are always practical.


Grass Plantation

We strive to adopt and offer excellent practical and innovative grass plantation services at budget-friendly prices. We’ve all the gear to get your job done to a very high standard.



We provide you with the best and superior quality Horticulture Development Service widely appreciated by our reliability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.



Looking for a reliable landscaping contractor in Chandigarh? Duggal Constructions is right here. Discuss your specific landscaping needs with our experienced team today!


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